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Lucky Group's Vertical Integration

Successfully intergrated the whole process of recycling within The Lucky Group of Companies itself.

The process starts with the breaking of ships into various components including steel, used oil etc. Steel is taken in by Lucky's steel re-rolling mill as a raw material to produce CTD bars andused oil is refined at our refineries into various by-products.

World Class Infrastructure

Everything you need for your business, we at Lucky Group are committed to providing the best of services available in the industry.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Lucky Group there is constant effort to take care of the various environmental and health concerns in our industry. We strive to ensure the highest safety and security standards for our hard-working labour-force, along with the immediate environment around us.

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Lucky group takes pride in the sincere efforts provided by every one of us consistently over the years. We appreciate the earnest recognition as the best services provided in the industry.